Practice & Experience

My journey to writing resumes and cover letters started when I left a 15-year career of coaching collegiate volleyball to move into the academic side of higher education. I was unemployed and sending out resumes myself. I had a very basic resume that I wasn’t tailoring to jobs or making applicable to jobs- I was sending the same resume to every job, no matter the different job descriptions. It was no wonder I received very few callbacks. I was unbelievably lucky to have someone tell me my resume was bad and why it was. I was told to make certain changes to it and because of that, I went from having two interviews in six months to 25 in THREE months! It was unbelievable! Once I saw what tailoring a resume could do I wanted to start helping others as well because I now see the mistakes great, hireable people make on their resumes that not only do not showcase their skills and experiences but also do not get them to the next round.

Why Me?

Ability to Stay One Step Ahead 

Through my work on search committees, I have seen the resumes that go through to the next level and those that are declined. I have the ability to write for those who are hiring and help your resume get noticed and moving on!.  

Experienced Writer

I have written numerous resumes and cover letters for a variety of fields, from athletics, higher education, and business to teaching and government positions.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

My services are not just about changing the format. That is a small portion of what I do. The largest part of the service is the detailed tailoring of both your resume and cover letter. This process gets all your experiences and skills on paper!